Corps Fellow Requirements:

Fellows must meet the following requirements:

  1. College Degree in Agriculture
  2. Past 4-H/FFA or other leadership experience
  3. Production Agriculture Experience (Farm, Ranch, Supervised Agricultural Experience, Garden, Etc.)

The 2017 AgriCorps Fellow Selection Process Timeline:

September-November University Visits
December 1, 2017 Applications Due
January-March University Visits


If you are selected as a fellow of the AgriCorps, we ask that you raise $3,000 to support AgriCorps and help the organization by:

  • Promoting AgriCorps to a larger audience, expanding our network.
  • Increasing our ability to support 4-H and other youth programs in developing countries.
  • Connecting AgriCorps Fellows to people who will be a great supporting voice during the year of service.

AgriCorps funds to support efforts and initiatives building stronger 4-H/FFA type programs and agricultural education systems in developing countries. We’ve given micro loans to schools for agriculture projects, funded training for 4-H Ghana staff and advisors, and paid for AgriCorps Fellows to receive additional training. By raising $3,000, AgriCorps Fellows help the organization achieve the following:

  • Training teachers in Ghana and Liberia in experiential teaching methods
  • Sustainable agriculture training for 4-H club advisors and farmers
  • Strategic planning sessions for 4-H programs in Africa
  • 4-H capacity development in Ghana and Liberia
  • School projects and investments through microloans
  • Development and printing of school garden and other agriculture curriculum
  • 4-H Camps and Club Officer Leadership Training (COLT) events

You will be provided with fundraising resources and a toolkit upon being accepted as an AgriCorps Fellow. If you have questions, please contact Kelsey Knight at kelsey.knight@agricorps.org.

Health & Safety

The health, safety, and security of our corps fellows are our top priorities. We work closely with Peace Corps, international NGOs and local medical staff to ensure that all of our hosting locations are as safe as possible. All corps fellows are equipped with international medical insurance, medical evacuation insurance and will be registered with the United States Department of State STEP program.

We will continue to only work with countries where the health and safety of our members is not at great risk. If a country or region within a country where corps fellows are located should ever pose a substantial health or political threat to one’s safety and security, AgriCorps will relocate the corps fellow(s) immediately.