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Edith Kachale-Banda

Humanitas Global, AgriCorps Consultant

Born and raised in Malawi, Southern Africa, Edith relocated to the United States as a teenager and is fluent in English and Chichewa.  Edith is graduate of Lincoln University, Missouri and holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.  Currently, Edith serves as board member of the Jack Brewer Foundation as Director of Southern Africa, Humanitas Global as Director of Africa, and Africa Bags. Edith has 10 years of experience in Women’s empowerment, Youth movement, and rural development.  She co-founded the Market Women Activities and Initiatives (MWAI), which has 550,000 members under the Joyce Banda Foundation International (JBFI), as well as the Youth Movement for Development (YOMODE) that has 850,000 members.  Edith manages the Joyce Banda Foundation International Malawi office, South Africa office, and USA office.