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Living the Dream

November 28th, 2016, AgriCorps

As I stood in front of my classroom yesterday, already dripping in sweat from writing the objective on the board, I looked out on my new students actively working on their warm up and I couldn’t help but smile to myself as I thought about how different my life was now. For starters, I walk […]

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It’s Just Small Peanuts

November 21st, 2016, AgriCorps

I sat back in a hard bamboo chair and finally kicked my boots off after a long hard day’s work deep in the bush. The Ghanaian sunset started to paint the sky with magnificent oranges and reds as it dimly illuminated the backdrop of palm trees and plantains. The blistering 90-degree heat all day made […]

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DIY: Homemade Egg Incubator

November 11th, 2016, AgriCorps

I rinsed off my hands and feet under the hydrant in the school garden. After an afternoon spent planting some green beans, squash and okra with some students, I was tired. I heard footsteps behind me and a voice say “Madam, please, I need your help”. I turned around to see Baba, one of my […]

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