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Cheater Cheater

April 20th, 2018, AgriCorps

I have four classes of Post-Secondary Professional Program students. They are taking Leadership I and Entrepreneurship I. My students fall in the age range of those affected by the 14 years of civil war and little to no education. My students were fortunate to receive a disjointed education and low quality secondary education while growing […]

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Trust Your Creative Genius

April 9th, 2018, AgriCorps

The Greeks believed creative brilliance was divine. The Romans believed it was a genius being within that helped one in their creative endeavors. Our best work isn’t behind us, therefore, the anxiety that I will never experience or do something as great again is moot. I have gone on adventures and thought I would never […]

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Lesson 10: 1,227 meters, a chimpanzee’s love, and faith

April 2nd, 2018, AgriCorps

March is known by people all over the world for college basketball. For me, March has always been rooted in academic madness. To my surprise, this year has been no different. Now that Easter break has begun, I finally get to reflect on the gifts March has given to me. After the school semester started […]

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