“Establishing a sustainable agricultural industry in Ghana relies on empowering farmers to improve yields while enhancing soil quality for future generations.”


What Do Corps Fellows Do?

Fellows will commit to serve a ten to eleven month assignment in a developing country attached to the agriculture program at a junior high or senior high school.  AgriCorps Fellows will receive a stipend equal to the pay of a local teacher, which is close to $200 per month. Corps Fellows will live in safe and secure housing provided by the community that may or may not have running water or electricity.

Each AgriCorps Fellow serves their school and community in three vital roles

Agriculture Instructor

Fellows of the AgriCorps will utilize the experiential agricultural education model to teach local curriculum in junior high or senior high schools. Students will learn basic farming and animal husbandry practices in addition to life skills such as nutrition, healthy lifestyles, responsibility, home economics, and financial management.

4-H/FFA Advisor

Fellows of the AgriCorps work with local volunteers or advisors to create a strong local 4-H/FFA type Club. The club is used to facilitate leadership and civic development for students where they learn public speaking, citizenship, parliamentary procedures, and teamwork.

Agriculture Extension Agent

Each fellow of the AgriCorps will establish a school farm for student and community learning, incorporating improved technologies and methodologies. The school farm generates income for the school 4-H/FFA type Club and serves as the laboratory for introducing new technology and methodology to students and local farmers. School farms vary from club to club but may grow maize, palm trees, vegetables, chickens or pigs.


“The teachers constantly ask questions and say, ‘I want to sit in your class and learn from you and your teaching ways.’ They are all so eager for change and ready for growth.”

– John Romo, AgriCorps Fellow