“Once we see or learn something, we have an obligation to do something with it.”

-Kenny Quick, 2012 National FFA Vice President AgriCorps Fellow

It is not easy to live in a developing country for an entire year. As a matter of fact, it may be the most challenging thing you will ever do. But with great challenges come great growth. As a corps fellow, you will grow professionally and personally during your year of service while creating memories and relationships that will last a lifetime. Whether your career aspirations lead you to production agriculture, agribusiness, agricultural education, extension, or international development, AgriCorps will prepare you through three different areas.

Interior Formation
You will experience challenges that spark personal and professional growth applicable to any future career or aspiration.


  • Increased skills and abilities to adapt and thrive in difficult environments
  • Improved creativity, problem solving, and leadership required to live independently in host country
  • Improved commitment to ethical behavior and social responsibility
  • Improved self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses
  • Improved entrepreneurial skills
  • Improved management skills 

Cross-Cultural Awareness
You will become a global citizen by understanding a foreign people and culture on a deep and personal level.


  • Increased understanding of cultural, social, and economic conditions of host country
  • Improved communication skills including ability to live and work in a community that is primarily non-English-speaking
  • Improved proficiency in language skills
  • Increased participation in community and civil society as an informed global citizen
  • Improved understanding of human rights

Agriculture Enhancement
You will develop a greater understanding of international agricultural development, production agriculture, and agricultural education through hands-on training and experience.


  • Improved understanding of economic issues and the role of US agribusinesses in the global economy
  • Increased experience in working with agriculture and community stakeholders in a global context
  • Increased knowledge of diverse stakeholders in international agriculture development
  • Increased knowledge of effective practices in international development
  • Increased hands-on knowledge of local production agriculture
  • Improved understanding of agriculture value chain, markets, and environmental issues
  • Improved experiential teaching skills
  • Improved understanding of positive youth development



“There’s immeasurable value in AgriCorps, which gives participants an opportunity to experience the positive impact all types of agriculture can make in communities around the world.”

-Lisa Safarian, Vice President, North America Commercial Business, Monsanto