Cultivating Learning with School Gardens (English)

Teachers Manual – Background for teachers or garden coordinators on the purpose and goals of the program, how to manage a school garden, involving the community, garden sciences, and ideas for lessons that use the garden in several academic areas.

Student Manual – 24 pages of steps to planting and maintaining a garden, including composting, natural pest control, and crop rotation. Includes a game that reinforces good gardening practices.

Pocket Guide – Half-size manual to take to the garden or share with community members. Illustrations of common garden vegetables as well as tips on planting and harvesting, and nutritional benefits of each.

Lesson Guides – Ready-to-use lesson guides for teaching 17 gardening topics from planning a garden to harvesting. In intermediate and simple English.

Visual Aids – Increase learning with these illustrations of 30+ common fruits and vegetables. Also posters on several topics such as plant diseases, crop rotation, photosynthesis, and more.

Training of Trainers Manual – Extensive lessons and activities for conducting 4- or 5-day hands-on trainings for teachers, garden managers, school feeding coordinators, and others who want to start a school garden and learning program. Emphasis on facilitating experiential learning activities.