AgriCorps connects American Agriculture volunteers to the demand for experiential, school-based, agricultural education in developing countries.

Young leaders in developing countries committed to farming as a science and a business


Food security in developing countries through improved agriculture production and value chains


Globally minded American agriculture professionals with experience living abroad


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Empty Desks

March 28th, 2016, AgriCorps

It was 12:35pm on a Saturday. I stood in front of an almost empty classroom. A meeting had been scheduled for noon that day. I had expected about 15 students to show up, so we could discuss their personal square-meter gardens and I could happily give them the onion and tomato seeds I had brought […]

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A Brave Touch

March 24th, 2016, AgriCorps

A congregation of 4-H members were eagerly leading and following me through the small dirt trails of my new village, when I asked them to stop for a second. I stepped toward a group of small children about twenty feet away happily playing under a tree, just to say hello and acknowledge them. As soon […]

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Coming Full Circle

March 21st, 2016, AgriCorps

For as long as I can remember, my parents have been doing business at Interbank. When my dad told me I had to get an after-school job in high school, I applied and was hired as a part-time teller at our local Interbank branch. I remember loving this job because of the wonderful staff I […]

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