4-H Experience Makes Life Better in Liberia By Rhonda Nida McCurry

Featured Article in DRIVE Magazine

Last fall, four past national FFA officers traveled to Liberia, West Africa, to introduce 4-H to a war-torn region.

It’s an experience that not only inspired these men but also taught a culture new ways to produce crops and feed a hungry population.

In a span of four weeks, Jason Troendle, Seth Pratt and Kenny Quick started a public school, two 4-H clubs, two school gardens, elected 4-H club officers, held a Club Officer Leadership Training camp and printed agriculture education curriculum to be distributed to 120 schools. Besides these tangible activities, the men also built relationships and encouraged trust among people who had been actively fighting amongst each other for 25 years in the name of food. Because of the men’s work, the community of Liberia learned about leadership in place of survival techniques.

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