AgriCorps Founder Represents SBAE in TED Talk on the Power of Youth

Cleveland, Ohio – Trent McKnight, founder of AgriCorps and The Movement for School-Based Agriculture Education, recently spoke at the TEDx event at Case Western Reserve University.  Using behavioral economics, Trent shares how to harness the unique reference point of youth in order to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Weaving a story of intrigue and drawing striking parallels between the development of the United States through the implementation of school-based agricultural education (SBAE) and the current opportunity in sub-Saharan Africa, “You’re Doing It Wrong, Dad!” is a concise and easy-to-follow explanation of how youth are the exact changemakers we need in today’s high stakes world.

Trent is the founder of AgriCorps and The Movement for School-Based Agricultural Education (SBAE), an agricultural development initiative focused on sub-Saharan Africa.  He has served as an agricultural economist to the US Military in Iraq and the World Food Program in Liberia.  He is a cattle rancher, a former member of the Texas 4-H Council and a former national president of the Future Farmers of America (FFA).

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