Do you have what it takes?

Do you have what it takes to be an AgriCorps Fellow? Do you know someone who does? Find out below!

What traits make you qualified?

committeed-to-food-securityCommitted to Food Security

“I believe that the youth are the future. They are the ones that will create change. They will transform the agricultural industry. They are the ones that will take this country further.” – John Romo, ACF ’14

Entrepreneurial entrep
“A student, Baba, told me he wanted to start a hatchery. Baba and I determined all the necessary items it would take to build one. We created this project for a fraction of what it would cost at retail price. I believe this project was more meaningful to Baba because he did the legwork and creative planning behind this project.” –Sarah Tweeten, ACF ’16
“With AgriCorps, you cannot go at it alone. The most successful projects were when I stepped back, let the community generate ideas, and then worked with them to execute them.” -Nick Traini, ACF ’15
”There’s no electricity so the night sky was pitch black. I look up and see a familiar sight: an endless sea of bright stars and I realize something. There may be a lot of differences between Ghana and Missouri, but one commonality is the beautiful creations, people, and opportunities that surround me.” – Cody Jones, ACF ’15
“If development was quick and easy, it’s wouldn’t endure. It’s a long process, one that is often exhausting, but when you see with your own eyes students becoming leaders in the community it makes all of it worth it.”
–Nathan Glenn, ACF ’16
Self aware and committed to growth self-aware
“My value doesn’t lie in what I do, but rather who I am and who I love. Development work isn’t about projects or products; it’s about people and processes.” – Allison Hoover, ACF ’14
impact2Focused on Enduring Impact
“Despite the lack of resources, Ghanaian farmers still find ways to succeed. I learned so much from their innovations and learned to appreciate the organizations and policy American farmers rely on to reach their full potential.” – Kelsey Barnes, ACF ’15

How do I apply?

Applications are due online by December 1st, 2017. Be sure to share with a friend who is qualified to be an AgriCorps Fellow! Click here to access the application. Contact Kelsey Jo Knight, Director of Recruitment, for any questions:

Returned Fellow Spotlight: Mark Rippke

Mark Rippke served as an AgriCorps Fellow (ACF) from 2016-2017 at Buipe Senior High School in the Northern Region of headshotGhana. He is a horticulture
graduate of Iowa State University.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about applying for AgriCorps?

It’s an incredible way to serve–behind every successful agriculturist is a teacher or mentor who believed in them, and AgriCorps provides the opportunity for mentoring students in Ghana and Liberia to help them succeed and contribute to the future of agriculture in their respective countries, and in the world.

What have you been up to since returning to the U.S.?

I work at my alma mater, Iowa State University, as a research technician. I manage plots of grapes, apples and hops at the Horticulture Research Station oversee data collection and analysis. In the spring, I’ll be installing a new vineyard at the research station to compare multiple grape varieties for Iowa’s climate.

How did your experience with AgriCorps shape your perspective on global food security?

AgriCorps enhanced my appreciation for the role of education in agricultural value chains. I also witnessed various forms of foreign aid at work in the country, ranging from USAID extension programs to chocolate companies investing in the lives of cocoa farmers, solidifying the importance of collaboration and empowerment in the realm of global agriculture.

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haley“Aside from the successes of my students, perhaps the greatest change has occurred within. A year abroad has given me new perspectives about the world and the people in it.”

-Haley Clement, 2016/16 Fellow

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